Kids and parents will get to monkey around through 5 different exercises with laughter.
Not only is laughter good for the body and mind, but laughter can also strengthen relationships
and promote family bonds. Bring more laughter and play into your life for more joy and vitality!

Children will get a chance to learn a few of the simple and fun healing techniques of shiatsu-anma,
which they can practice on their parents or family members. A popular American children’s tune guides
you through each hand movement. This Japanese tradition is educational and therapeutic for the whole
family. Parents will sigh with relief as muscle tension from the neck, shoulder and back melt away!

At the same time, children can start to cultivate and see their own innate healing abilities at work.
This simple act of kindness is a great way to show love and gratitude to parents. Healing hands
and a loving heart are a powerful combination. What a great way to bring families together!

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