Shindo Spirit Mission Statement

To teach parents and communities how to cultivate an individual’s innate healing abilities for health, happiness, peace, family unity, and the improvement of children’s lives.

Shindo Spirit is a website that discusses Eastern healing modalities such as energetic medicine, Lotus Faith Healing medicine, and Quantum healing, as well as certain aspects of Japanese culture. We will also discuss ways to prevent disease and how to heal naturally.

As we move into an increasingly fast-paced, high-tech lifestyle we face a greater need for the natural and organic healing arts and a healthy lifestyle. Eastern healing arts use a subtle but powerful energetic life force, which not only treats a person’s symptoms but also integrates a person’s physical, mental and spiritual aspects for ultimate well-being.

We also aim to build a compassionate community and society whose individuals take care of each other. This is impossible to achieve without first protecting children from bullying, abuse, violence, and war. A kinder, healthier, and more peaceful society depends on parents that raise their children with wisdom and compassion. Therefore, it is important for parents to cultivate their children to express kindness, gentleness, politeness, and care for others as early as possible. Compassionate children can become compassionate adults, which can add to a more peaceful world.

Shindo Origin


Shin (神) Dou (童)The word Shindo in Japanese comes from shin which means divine and do which means child.

In the legend of Taicho Daishi (discussed in our blog), the Buddhist monk who was called a Shindo, or divine child in Japan, grew up to heal many and perform other special feats, sometimes with the help of deities. We believe that each child inherits a nature of pure love and healing and can go on to do their own great things in life. We want to help nurture these healing powers.

It is important for parents and adults to encourage kids to connect with their own divine power.  Parents should first demonstrate by example, showing how to love, heal and care for their family and friends since kids learn well this way. Then parents should find the unique gifts each child possesses and guide them in polishing their talents so that they are used in creative ways to bring happiness, health, and peace.

We should value a child’s innocence and purity of emotion towards their family as well as their connection to nature and all other living creatures. Each life of a child is tremendously precious when we realize that they only have one childhood to enjoy and learn from. Therefore, we are very eager to support their happy and healthy development.

Message from the Founder


We are encountering more violence and terrorism worldwide. The world needs more harmony and a peaceful future depends on our children. It is up to parents to teach their children about love and respect for one another.

Through Shindo Spirit we can cultivate a more peaceful world.

About the Founder

Dr. Tsuneo Kaneko is the very passionate founder of Shindo Spirit and is excited to continue dedicating himself to creating better health and a more peaceful world by educating adults and children about Eastern and Quantum healing as well as Lotus Faith Healing medicine.

A doctor of Oriental Medicine, acupuncturist, Shiatsu-Anma practitioner and author, he has more than 40 years experience practicing and teaching the healing arts. Among his past achievements were founding the non-profit educational institute the Shiatsu Massage School of California and running the Tao Healing Arts, a holistic clinic.

He has taught thousands of students and successfully treated many patients with energetic and vibrational medicine.

Taoism is an important part of Dr. Kaneko’s philosophy and his approach to a balanced daily life. He also has a strong belief in the practice of Nichiren Buddhism (SGI). Since 1979, he has found growing wisdom and compassion in Buddhism. Through his teaching and through his writing, Dr Kaneko extends his knowledge to promote a better world: peace, happiness and good health in daily life. All of his work demonstrates his goal to share unconditional happiness through faith, study and spiritual practice.

For more information about Dr. Kaneko see here.

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