Our significant future should provide great opportunities for children’s education. We are responsible for guiding youngsters towards lives that are positive, creative, caring, loving, non-violent and open to sharing peace and happiness. Success with this goal should originate at home and start before or during preschool and kindergarten. Parents’ participation in this home education is the key factor for the rest of their children’s school life and social activities.

Parents have an important role to educate their children on growing up with loving, caring, altruistic feelings towards people, animals, nature, and our environment. Other family members, such as grandparents are in an excellent position to share love, happiness, and peace with their children.

In my Japanese background, a great way to show love is through, a fun tapping practice with music. I call it “music hands”. When children tap on their parents’ neck, shoulder, and back with loving and tender care, a family’s union strengthens. Not only do children relieve tension in their parents, they also learn about respect, while sharing love and appreciation with their family. This body language and this kind of skinship is very essential, natural, spontaneous and a native communication method before we learn spoken language.

To spread our message of peace and promote children’s positive upbringings,  I would like to raise funds and set up local tournaments where children from around the world can compete for the best music hands with their parents and award a champion annually. The best performer has a chance to win a free trip to Japan with their parent for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games closing ceremony. This is a real way to propagate a sense of family values as well as peaceful communities and societies. We want to promote “music hands” to children all over the world.

For these ongoing tournaments, children and their parents can submit a video showcasing their “music hands and monkey business” talents with any music of their choice. For the yearly championship tournament, we’ll select a few outstanding parents and children, and invite them to a real-time tournament once a year. For more information on our Music Hands event day,  see the Music Hands 4 Kids Event page.

You can view a clip of our Music Hands video below.

You can look at our 7 Music Hands Techniques for more details on the music hands techniques we cover.

Our other big goal is for our past tournament champions to demonstrate “music hands” in the closing ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. We need your support to make it successful. If you’d like to support our cause, join in the fun with the tournaments or spread the word. Help us share this positive message of peace and family unity!

You can also view our Music Hands and Monkey Business video clip that includes an intro to Monkey Business, a monkey play exercise that incorporates laughter, or purchase a copy of our
Music Hands & Monkey Business DVD

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