It has been a great 3rd season at Santa Monica Community classes for Qigong/Daoyin and Breathing & Meditation this winter 2020. In our classes we have continued the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine and natural eastern healing arts with, Taichi, Qigong, and self massage called Daoyin. We also incorporate Chinese esoteric Liandan Alchemy (Dantien Breathing) for not only well being but also peace and happiness.

I introduced the philosophy of Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of Osteopathy Medicine. He said, he “proclaimed that the body was God’s drugstore and had in it all liquids, drugs, lubricating oils, opiates, acids and antacids, and every sort of drug which the wisdom of God thought necessary for human happiness and health.”

Today we know that laughter promotes a natural painkiller called endorphins, and soulful and mindful touches release oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. Today we know that we can release morphine-like hormones on some level such as opium for pain, serotonin as well as tryptophan for sadness, GABA for anxiety, norepinephrine for loss of motivation and lethargy, endorphins and enkephalin for pain, dopamine for loss of pleasure, and melatonin for sleep.

You have a rich source of healing medicine. You have all these dormant potentials for your everyday need. Through our classes we can help you tap into this pharmacy within. It’s not too late to join us to cultivate unconditional happiness when you are seeking a new healthy lifestyle. It’s not too late to join our remaining classes!

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