Fiesta Matsuri will be especially for the kids since it celebrates Children’s Day in Japan and Mexico through art, dance, song, workshops and performances for the whole family!

Come join us for another event where parents, children, and adults can learn about Music Hands and Monkey Business at our booth.

Music hands is a wonderful way for kids to learn a simple act of service and the value of giving back to their parents. It helps children develop empathy and humility. Our goals is that children will carry these positive traits throughout their lives and radiate them outwards into their communities and the society.

However, it is up to parents to teach their kids these valuable lessons. Music Hands is one of the tools that parents can utilize to guide children in a positive direction, teaching them compassion at an early age. It is our firm belief that with the right tools taught at early childhood, we can make a positive impact in the world so that children can better avoid the conflicts and negativity that plague our society.

You’ll also get a chance to learn Monkey Business! Laugh and monkey around with 5 monkey laughing and play exercises. Laughter, which causes the release of natural hormones, such as endorphins and oxytocin, help children relax, be happy and create positive relationships with those around them.

Come join us for a unique healing experience!







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